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Wellbeing: A Shared Responsibility

When parents/carers enrol their children at FISC they enter into a partnership with the school that is based on shared responsibility for student wellbeing. This shared responsibility enables and fosters a school environment where learning is valued, all members of the school community are respected and included, and safety is important.

Our shared understanding of wellbeing:

  • is that it is dynamic and integral to learning
  • focuses on attributes and strengths that teach and support children and young people to grow and learn from challenges and complexities
  • recognises the importance of developing and shaping the character of the individual
  • is multidimensional and interrelated
  • takes into account the context of children's and young people's lives and uses both objective and subjective measures
  • incorporates the views and perspectives of children and young people themselves throughout the different stages of development
  • considers the wellbeing of children and young people in the present as well as focussing on long-term outcomes
  • acknowledges the diversity of contributors to and influences on the wellbeing of children and young people, and recognises our obligations and responsibilities