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Wellbeing is more than the absence of physical or psychological illness. In very broad terms, wellbeing can be described as the quality of a person's life.

Two major approaches to defining wellbeing relate it to our subjective experience of feeling good or experiencing pleasure and positive emotion; and functioning well, or our potential to flourish. While there is debate about whether one or both of these approaches to wellbeing offers the best way of understanding it, an approach that considers the whole person, and which combines feeling good and functioning well offers the most utility.

Cognitive wellbeing is associated with achievement and success. It includes how information is processed and judgements are made. It is also informed by motivation and persistence to achieve. Cognitive wellbeing is important for attaining knowledge and experiencing positive learning.

Emotional wellbeing relates to self-awareness and emotional regulation. It includes how well we cope, and is often reflected by the level of a person's resilience. Emotional wellbeing is in part informed by our capacity for self-reflection.

Social wellbeing includes the extent to which we experience positive relationships and connectedness to others. It is important for pro-social behaviour and our empathy towards others.

Physical wellbeing is associated with the extent to which we feel physically safe and healthy. It includes nutrition, preventative health care, physical activity and physical safety and security. Physical wellbeing enables positive health outcomes.Wellbeing