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Big Picture

Compared to mainstream students, Big Picture students are likely to have: 

  • Improved student outcomes;
  • Higher attendance rates;
  • Greater student participation in the local community
  • Greater parental participation in the school community.


Why Study through the Big Picture Model?

  • Too many of our young people are failing in our schools and this is because school is not relevant to their lives and to their needs. They are not engaged in their own learning. 
  • 20% of young Australians fail to complete year 12 or its equivalent. In contemporary society, this significantly limits their career prospects.


Frequently asked questions

Are students eligible to receive a year 10 RoSA? 

Yes, all students are eligible to receive a Year 10 RoSA


Are students eligible to receive a HSC?

Yes students are eligible to receive a HSC


Are students eligible to receive an ATAR?

Students seeking a placement at University would do so through their portfolio. Arrangements have been made with an increasing number of universities for Portfolio entry. A pattern of study may allow students to attain an ATAR. 

We have commitment from Wollongong University to accept Big Picture students based on their portfolios.

ABC News article

ABC news article
  • In short: An alternative education model called Big Picture, which runs in many high schools across Australia, boasts a student-led curriculum and no exams.
  • The stereotype that alternative education is only for "disruptive" students is not the case, educators in the system say.
  • What's next? A diverse range of learning styles and a reduced focus on a university admission score could improve Australia's education system, some researchers argue.

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Parent Feedback 

Good morning! My husband and I would like to express our extreme gratitude and joy for the incredible educational opportunities that our children have found with you at FISC. Our eldest children are students in the Big Picture program and are thriving in this innovative education setting. Both children are enjoying the flexibility to pursue their talents and interests, structuring their learning independently towards their future goals and aspirations. Matilda and Banjo are both enrolled in University subjects, which they study online. They can do this because of the structure of the Big Picture program, and both hope to have completed at least 2 years of Bachelor level degree by the time they graduate from FISC. This is an amazing option and something that they would not be able to do had they not made the move to FISC. The support and encouragement received from the Big Picture staff is also incredible and a significant factor in how well both children are doing in their educational goals. We would sincerely like to thank the school for the brilliant and supportive environment that you have established for students on different paths. We would also like to share the special news with you that Matilda has been successful in gaining a learning internship at The New York times. She will be attending their summer academy program in June/July to study journalism and creative writing in New Your, learning from some of the world's leading reporters, authors and publishers. Once again, this opportunity is only possible because Matilda has been able to focus on her writing aspirations and hone her skills at FISC in the Big Picture program. We are so truly grateful that our children found their place at FISC and thank the wonderful staff for their amazing support and guidance that is helping our kids reach their goals and more.


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