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Industrial Technology Metals and Engineering

Stage 5 Industrial Technology- Metals

The study of Metalwork in Industrial Technology provides students with opportunities to engage in a diverse range of creative and practical experiences using a variety of technologies widely available in industrial and domestic settings. Industrial Technology Metalwork develops in students, knowledge and understanding of materials and processes. Related knowledge and skills are developed through a specialised approach to the tools, materials and techniques employed in the planning, development, construction and evaluation of quality practical projects and processes. Critical thinking skills are developed through engagement with creative practical problem-solving activities

The Metal focus area provides opportunities for students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to the metal and associated industries.

The two core modules develop knowledge and skills in the use of materials, tools and techniques related to metal which are enhanced and further developed through the study of specialist modules in

  •  Metal Machining
  • Fabrication

Practical projects reflect the nature of the Metal focus area and provide opportunities for students to develop specific knowledge, understanding and skills related to metal-related technologies. These will include

  •  sheet metal products
  • metal machining projects
  • fabricated projects

To satisfy the requirements of the syllabus, students will undertake a range of practical experiences that occupy the majority of course time. Practical experiences will be used to develop knowledge and understanding of and skills in designing, producing and evaluating.

Projects will promote the sequential development of skills and reflect an increasing degree of student autonomy as they progress through the course

Stage 6 Industrial Technology – Metals and Engineering

Industrial Technology seeks to raise students’ awareness of the interaction between technology, industry, society and the environment, and to develop their ability to make value judgements about issues, decisions and problems arising from this interaction. Students achieve this by applying practical experiences to the study of the technology, management and organisation of industry.

In the Preliminary study, the content is introductory and is related to a number of practical projects and the study of an individual business in the focus area. The aim of the Preliminary course is to prepare and equip the students with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully complete the HSC Major Project and related folio. The HSC content is centred on the application of design, research and manufacture of a Major Project and related folio, together with a more detailed study of the focus area industry.

The areas of study involved with this course are:

  • Properties and applications of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in common usage
  • Knowledge and understanding of workplace safety and communication
  • Develop skills and methods used, for working with a variety of metals
  • Use and maintenance of the tools and machinery involved in the construction of practical projects
  • Develop documentation to detail the management, design, construction and evaluation of metal based projects.